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Keep germs & viruses away by using our Smart Safety Key. It's designed to open and close doors, operate touchscreens, press lift, and ATM buttons, operate lever handles, and much more without requiring to touch public shared surface areas. It avoids exposure & keeps your hands clean.

Smart Safety Key

Ergonomic Design

Makes it easy to press buttons, open doors, maneuver lever-type handles, and carry plastic shopping bags. This Smart Key makes a perfect safety tool to help you keep away from germs.

Hiker Essentials
Smart Safety Key - Avoid Touch

Avoid Touch

Avoid making direct physical contact with high-touch surfaces like public doors, ATM machines or shared elevator buttons due to the current pandemic.

Smart Safety Key -Stylus Pen

Stylus Pen

The safe-touch smart key door opener comes with a cleverly designed stylus rubber that operates on all touch screens including mobiles, ATMs & other touch screen panels.

Smart Safety Key - Pocket Fit

Pocket Friendly

Easy to Carry: This is a light and convenient non-contact EDC (Everyday Carry) tool. The key can be easily put into a keychain & fit right into your pocket.