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Car Mobile Holder Basic - Hiker StoreCar Mobile Holder Basic - Hiker Store
Sale priceRs. 399.00 Regular priceRs. 499.00
360° Aluminium Rotating Magnetic Phone Holder for Car360° Aluminium Rotating Magnetic Phone Holder for Car
Magbear Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder - Hiker StoreMagbear Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder - Hiker Store
Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For CarMini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car
Sleek & Slim Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Mobile Holder for DashboardSleek & Slim Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Mobile Holder for Dashboard
Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount For Mobile - Hiker StoreCar Air Vent Magnetic Mount For Mobile - Hiker Store
Strip Shape Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car DashboardStrip Shape Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car Dashboard
Super Mini Magnetic Mount By Hiker StoreSuper Mini Magnetic Mount By Hiker Store
Sale priceRs. 249.00 Regular priceRs. 299.00
All in One Replacement Accessory Pack for Magnetic Car MountsAll in One Replacement Accessory Pack for Magnetic Car Mounts

List of Best Selling Mobile Holder for Car with Price

Car Mobile Holders - Hiker Store

This is an all-purpose dashboard mount, a mobile phone holder for car dashboard and a windshield with a telescoping long arm that can rotate 360 degrees and be adjusted, as well as a sticky gel pad. To protect and securely hold your smartphone device with just one touch, this automobile mount holder is outfitted with a 360° rotating ball, telescopic adjustable arm, suction gel pad, two-step locking lever, and dual clamps.

Car Mobile Holders Online

Smartphones are really important in our day-to-day life. Most people do their everyday work on their mobile phones. However, most people have a habit of using their mobile phones while they are driving which is risky and can put them in trouble, even leading to accidents. A car phone holder gives a safe place to put your device other than your hand, pocket, or the bottom of the bag. A car phone holder keeps your device in view, while at the same time keeping your hands on the wheel without getting distracted.
Hiker Store is India’s largest online lifestyle accessories for all car and bike accessories. We offer an exclusive range of the best car and mobile accessories online at the best prices.

Best Mobile Holders for Car in India for 2022

Hiker Store is the best online store with 1000+ varities of car mobile holderscar phone holders, adjustable car phone holders for dashboard & windshield, & flexible long neck holders for smartphones.
Dual clamps were used in the design to increase stability, protect the mobile phone from automobile vibrations, and stop it from falling or moving. Your devices are protected from scratches and kept from falling off while you are driving by silicon and cushion padded back. In addition, your phone deserves it.
A mobile phone is not just a phone now. In fact, it can replace most devices today. And it is an essential part of our lives that we are expected to have with us all the time. A Mobile Phone is best; kept out of sight when we're out and about. But when we're at home, it's not good to hold it all the time.
A Mobile Stand is a good tool to have when you want to watch your favorite series on your phone. The Mobile Holder lets you take notes while you watch TV or make a phone call. You can also use it in your car to navigate.
There are several types of Mobile Stands available for different activities. If you often ride and need to stop for direction, a Bike Mobile Holder locks onto the handlebar. You can then easily go through your screen without worrying about taking your attention off the road. You can also choose a magnetic Mobile Phone holder that fits in a car's magnetic field.
If you're a content creator or vlogger, an adjustable or rotating mobile stand is a good option to hold your Smartphone without worrying about it falling over. Mobile Stand prices start from low like Rs. 299 and can go up depending on the style you choose. Many Mobile Phone Holders and Stands also come with a MagSafe-compatible mounting piece.
Use the right accessories with your Smartphone to get the most out of it. At, we have accessories to protect your Smartphone from bumps and drops.

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