About Us

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What we are

We are dedicated to bring and deliver minimalistic ideas, crafting premium lifestyle experience oriented products. We as a brand strive to discover different products which are not only tempting but also add value to every day-to-day life. Our goal is to constantly innovate products & ideas that our customers will truly love. We want to see our products making our customers lives easier, better & comfortable. Our true mission is to deliver a real taste of quality and valuable ideas that add value to your lifestyle experience.

Our Story

There were two car enthusiasts, a father & son, who once was chatting on the perils of using mobile phones while driving & what could be the solution. After a while, they decided to invest in a sleek sophisticated car mobile holder for themselves but it was then they realised that no such thing had been out yet. The father & son decided to leverage this opportunity & in a short few months, a first 360° Rotating Car Mount Magnetic Mobile Holder was launched in India. And along with it a brand ‘Hiker’ was born, which grew to be Hiker Store.

What we offer

Hiker Store is an online trusted brand built on quality & style. Our journey began with our love for cars and travel, which inspired us to sell an exquisite collection of car mounts & stands such as Magnetic Car Mounts, Car Mobile Holders, Phone Holders, Rotating Mobile Phone Stands, Desktop Stands etc. We started with one small idea & to our surprise it turned out to be a big hit. From there, we went on to sell smart travel & modern lifestyle oriented accessories such as Earphones, Smart Anti theft Backpacks, Multi-tools, Card Holders, Mobile Card Holder Wallets, Travel Duffle Bags & Travel Games. After achieving a good customer base it became our vision to bring more lifestyle experience oriented products.