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Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount For Mobile - Hiker StoreCar Air Vent Magnetic Mount For Mobile - Hiker Store
360° Aluminium Rotating Magnetic Phone Holder for Car360° Aluminium Rotating Magnetic Phone Holder for Car
Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder For CarMini Magnetic Mobile Holder For Car
Sleek & Slim Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Mobile Holder for DashboardSleek & Slim Magnetic Car Mount Cell Phone Mobile Holder for Dashboard
Car Mobile Holder Basic - Hiker StoreCar Mobile Holder Basic - Hiker Store
Sale priceRs. 399.00 Regular priceRs. 499.00
Magbear Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder - Hiker StoreMagbear Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder - Hiker Store
Universal Bike Mount Mobile Phone HolderUniversal Bike Mount Mobile Phone Holder
Super Mini Magnetic Mount By Hiker StoreSuper Mini Magnetic Mount By Hiker Store
Sale priceRs. 249.00 Regular priceRs. 299.00
Strip Shape Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car DashboardStrip Shape Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car Dashboard
All in One Replacement Accessory Pack for Magnetic Car MountsAll in One Replacement Accessory Pack for Magnetic Car Mounts
Magnetic Car Mount - Phone Holder

Top 10 Mobile Phone Holders to Buy Online

Best Phone Holders in India

Get the deal and shop online phone holders from Hiker Store, the largest online mobile accessories shopping store. Phone holders are available at a cheap price with free shipping.
Using a phone while driving is always dangerous because we often receive calls, respond to messages, and hold the phone for extended periods, which increases the risk of accidents. However, using GPS and responding to emergency calls is crucial. Additionally, keep your phone at eye level. If you frequently use GPS to navigate around the city or outside of it while driving, a car mobile holder is a necessity.
You can get a wide selection of car mobile holders on Hiker Store that feature different mobile phone support and gripping mechanisms and also mobile holders for car dashboards making it simple for you to install your phone wherever on your dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield. Additionally, they offer a variety of degrees of freedom so you may position the phone's display anywhere you wish. Additionally, they were made of materials that were shock-absorbing and low vibration, which made it simpler for you to view the display even on jerky roads.

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Whether you are driving or just lying in your bed or sitting in the office, handling a mobile might be a little risky sometimes. While driving the car it is important not to use your mobile which can lead to accidents. This is why you need a mobile holder which will help you to hold your phone securely but also let you perform other tasks with ease.
Keep your phone safe and secure: Mobile holders are available in the market for both home and car use. For example, you are driving your car or bike with your friends and not able to use your phone at that time. But with a mobile holder in your car or on your bike, you can easily use your phone, such as you can listen to favorite music, watch videos, or navigate through GPS, without losing any focus while driving.
On the other hand, Mobile stands for bed will let you watch movies, videos, or browse the web comfortably on your bed. They come with long and flexible necks which can be adjusted to suit your viewing angle. And you can easily mount these stands beside the bed on the table and keep browsing the web or your social media channels, watching videos or listening to your favorite music.
Some of the phone holders and stands come with an adjustable calm and position lock which makes sure your phone stays in place and doesn't move while driving on the bad road. Most of them allow 360 degree rotation angle which can be adjusted according to the viewing angle. They also have a suction cap with lock knob so they can be firmly placed on the windshield or dashboard of your car or in the bedroom.