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  • This is a multi-functional mobile leather grip that combines the functions of a safe credit card holder and a phone grip.
  • Designed to offer a good grip on your smartphone while keeping your cards safe and using it as a phone stand.
  • Comes equipped with a flap to protect your important cards and personal information.
  • This stick-on wallet can store 1 to 5 cards or even cash or small business cards!
Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet

Mobile Leather Grip

Card Holder Wallet

Designed with the basic function of all wallets since it can store credit cards, business cards, & some cash safely. Not only that, the adjoining strap which also acts as a stand, can hold your phone safely with only one finger or keep it steady on a stand.

Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet - Strong

Strong Phone Grip

The highly elastic grip band will wrap tightly but comfortably around your hand so you don't drop your phone. The grip will not break or loosen easily.

Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet - Flexible Storage

Flexible Storage

You can store between 1 to 7 cards safely in the pouch. Alternatively you can also keep cash or small business cards safe with you at all times.

Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet - All in One Wallet

All-in-One Wallet

Carry your ID card, credit card, license and leave your heavy wallet at home. Thanks to the leather grip, all your cards will be with you at all times & safe.

Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet - Card Stand Holder

Card Holder Stand

The leather grip pad can support your phone, no matter where you are. Moreover, this is a strong leather band that will never let you drop your phone again.

Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet - Convenient Stand

Convenient Stand

The leather pad that is attached to the grip does not only give a hint of color to the design, but it can be curved in order to use it as a phone stand on the go!

Leather Grip Mobile Card Holder Wallet - Easy Access

Easy Access

Let this be your mini wallet which you can access it easily at all times, even when you're on the go. The external flap will keep your cards secure & protected.