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How To Choose The Best Bike Phone Mounts?

How To Choose The Best Bike Phone Mounts?

Your mobile needs to be somewhere other than your back pocket or your backpack. While you are riding a bike or a motorcycle. And this is the reason why bike mounts exist. Bike mounts are there to equip your mobile phone on your bike/motorcycle whether you want to check navigation or shoot a video. 

Bike Mount is a gadget used to prop up your mobile device on bikes, motorcycles, etc. They are designed to stick to the surface of your bike like a handlebar or top tube. By installing a mount on your bike you can keep your phone safe, and clean and keep track of your navigation or shoot a video while riding. 

universal bike mount

How can you use a Bike Mount?

A bike mount can also be of great use for a shopping cart handlebar. The bike mount was specifically designed for bikes but does not precisely only fit bikes. The little gadget has a long list of uses and a small amount of money goes a long way. 

  • Exercising on Treadmill
  • Bike mount provides you with an opportunity to watch your favorite show or videos while exercising on a treadmill.

  • Getting Groceries
  • It would be of course great to be hands-free to push a cart around a store. A mount on the cart can make it easy for you to look at your grocery list without bumping into people. 

  • Mowing the Lawn
  • A phone mount makes it easy for you to watch YouTube videos while cutting the grass. 

  • Golfing
  • Hit your ball in the hole without worrying about your phone. It will be safe and sound in a mount that attaches to your golf cart. 

  • Working in the Kitchen
  • Attach your phone to the mount at the tap while scrubbing some utensils or watch a recipe without having to worry about your phone getting all greasy. 

    Why You Should Buy a Bike Mount?

    • Keep your phone safe and secure. 
    • Keep track of navigation and maps while riding. 
    • Shooting video hands-free while riding your bike. 
    • Having a gadget match your bike style.
    • Hands-free experience.
    universal bike mount

    How to Choose the Best Bike Mount?

    1. Check for Shock Proof Products

    The important feature of a bike mount is to keep your mobile phone protected otherwise it defeats its purpose. When you are looking for a bike mount for yourself make sure you find a shock-proof feature in that product. 

    1. Check for Device Compatibility

    Measure your bike handlebar and check if the bike mount can be clamped to your bike. Different bike mount has different diameter so beware when you are choosing one for yourself.

    1. Make sure that it doesn’t block your screen

    Look for a bike mount that doesn’t block the edges of your phone. There are many models in the market which are made from rubber and are light but the drawback is that they cover all four edges of the phone. 

    1. Make sure it is angle adjustable

    There are many ways in which you can adjust the angle of your phone in the bike mount. Vertical-Horizontal, Different view angle adjustment, or a ball joint that does both the jobs, look for the one that you will need the most for the best user experience. 

    1. Make sure it is easy to install and is super steady

    Bike mounts are either easy to install or are super steady. If you need a multifunctional bike mount you should definitely go for an easy-to-install bike mount as it can help you for various purposes. 

    universal bike mount

    At Hiker Store, we design our products with utmost care so that you do not face any discomfort with our ultimate gear gadgets. Taking into consideration our Universal Bike Mount with extendable arms and dual locking mechanism for a tight grip around the handlebar. 

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