Are Laptop Stands Good For Posture

Are Laptop Stands Good For Posture

You might have heard that laptops are bad for posture, but have you thought about what that means? Laptops generally encourage bad posture because they don’t let you sit up straight and the keyboard is at a weird angle. Furthermore, the position of your hand is awkward. All this adds up to a strain on your shoulders and neck, even when you sit for shorter periods. There’s also a psychological element, it's easy to be distracted from all the pretty pictures on your screen. 


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Risks that arise when using a laptop without a laptop stand

When you use a laptop without a stand, it can cause serious injury to your lower back, neck, shoulders, wrists, and fingers. Not only this, but you can also suffer from headaches and eye strain. When you are sitting on your laptop for quite a long time, it becomes difficult to maintain proper posture because there is nothing to keep everything aligned. As a result, many people suffer from serious injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve damage in their hands. 

This sounds like it could happen to anyone but still isn’t worth thinking about until they are down the road experiencing problems with their body parts. The damage has already begun before someone notices any pain syndrome, as most of the users don’t realize how much strain they put on their bodies during everyday activities like typing emails or watching YouTube videos on their laptops instead of standing up. 

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Benefits of a Laptop Stand

  1. Prevents Laptop From Overheating

Laptop stands are designed in a way that prevents laptops from overheating and provides proper ventilation for your laptop. As a result, there is no chance of overheating when you are using a laptop stand. 

  1. Adjustable Angle for Your Viewing Height

You will want to set up your laptop at the right viewing angle and that means you will have to raise it off of your desk. However, there are a lot of options in the market to elevate your laptop screen. Some of them are simple and other are adjustable giving you more control over how high or low you set the display. 

  1. Typing Comfort

A laptop stand can provide you with a comfortable writing experience. It allows you to sit in a more natural position, which is more ergonomic than using it on your lap or a desk. The laptop stand can help you to avoid repetitive stress injuries, that occur when the same muscles are used repeatedly without any rest. The stand becomes important for people who especially spend hours every day on their laptops working or playing games. 

  1. Improves Productivity

Using a laptop stand while working can improve productivity by keeping you in the right posture and preventing strains in the neck, eyes, and back pain. The stand keeps your head in line with your spine by raising the screen so you don’t have to look down at it. 

  1. Spills and Mess Protection

Sometimes even if you take good care of your laptop, accidents are bound to happen. A spill on your keyboard, a fall on the ground, or a bit of rainwater at the wrong place can cause a lot of damage to your laptop. However, a laptop stand is one way to protect your computer from all these kinds of incidents. 

  1. Ease of Carrying

If you have to take your laptop everywhere you go then the laptop stand must accompany you on your journey. You should go for a laptop stand that is lightweight and can quickly be packed and transported wherever you go. 

  1. Easy to set up and store


Foldable Laptop Stand


Hiker Store’s Flexible Laptop Stand is made up of a fully foldable design and can be easily stored anywhere without taking any much space. This laptop stand is readily stowed and takes up little space because they are portable.

Laptop stands are great for good posture and are ergonomically designed to support the head, neck, and back while you’re sitting. Well, it is also important to remember that whatever device you are working on, it's still important to take frequent breaks throughout the day, move around and stress your body. 

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