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5 Useful Tips To Make 100% Full Use Of Your Car Phone Holder

5 Useful Tips To Make 100% Full Use Of Your Car Phone Holder

As we know it is not easy to find a car phone holder that fits your car perfectly. After comparing different types of laptop stand among different brands you make a decision about which car phone holder to buy. After you make your choice of which phone holder to get, do you know how to make full use of it properly? We have brought you some tips on how to make the car phone mount work better for you, surely you will get something different from this page, so let's get started.

360° Aluminium Rotating Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

1. Check the product page (find related installation videos or user manual)

Most of the sellers post detailed instruction videos for consumers. You can find the videos on their product page so you can check out those pages to find the tutorials. If you are looking for a step-by-step process and operation then your need to be patient and look for the instruction manual, which is generally a pdf format. You can also find a link to the instruction manual or a QR code of the process video on the product box. 

If the two ways above don’t help you then you can ask the seller directly for support. There is no doubt that the seller won't know the product they are selling. They must be familiar with the product and can give you practical advice about how to use it according to your specific situation. You will need to provide the seller with related information such as car models or bike models and get instant support. 

2. Deciding where to install the car phone holder

You will need to find a flat and clean surface. Before installing the holder clean the surface with wet tissue and let it dry before you begin to install the surface. Do not choose an uneven surface or a dirty area, as these things can prevent the holder to perform its maximum functions. When the surface is not smooth use a 3M adhesive and after attaching it to the dashboard let it alone for almost 24 hours for maximum suction. 

For the air vent mobile holder make sure that the vent clips are suitable for your vent type. As they are generally shown on the product page, you just need to check whether the vent type you have in your car is on their list or not, if you can’t find the information then contact the seller personally and he will give you the answer. 

3. Start the installation

After installation, press the suction cup hard and make sure the car phone holder fix to the dash securely and firmly, with this installation, the car phone mount won’t fall off even on the bumpy road, sharp turns, or sudden brakes. Also after installing the air vent, turn the locking part sufficiently to secure the phone holder. 

4. Adjust a perfect angle for driving

With an upgraded swivel ball joint and extended long arm, you can adjust the angle according to your preference and that brings you the most excellent driving experience. Enjoy the convenience of using this car phone holder for seeing navigation, listening to your favorite music, answer a video call and you can finish the above activities only using one hand. 

5. Other things to keep in mind

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature to the suction cup, which can damage the same. When the suction cup is lacking suction adhesive, you can wash the suction cup with warm water for better results. 

Here are some of the ways in which you can make the most use of the car phone holder. Keeping these things in mind will enable the excellent performance of the car phone holder. At Hiker Store, we design our products with utmost care so that you do not face any discomfort with our ultimate gear gadgets. Taking into consideration our Car Phone Holder with extendable arms, 360° rotating mechanism, and dual locking for a tight grip around the handlebar. 

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