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4 Ways to Use of Mobile Stands | DIY Phone Stand

use of mobile stands

Your mobile needs to go somewhere other than your pocket or the bottom of your bag. That’s the need and beauty of a mobile stand. A mobile stand comes in use when you want to hold onto your device or when you just want to be hands-free. Mobile stands are small objects that are used to top up your mobile phone anywhere you want. They are designed for a hard surface like a desk or a table soo you can watch videos and scroll your feed while keeping the mobile clean and safe. Here are 5 ways to use of Mobile Stands.

Ways to Use of Mobile Stands:

Most people are very attached to their phones, which means that a stand or mount can be used anywhere and everywhere. Here are some places and situations where a mobile stand can come in handy.

While Working on Multiple Projects
use of mobile stands

If you are a professional or a student with a lot of projects to handle? If yes then these mobile stands can help you and make it easy for you to look at different devices at the same time. You can also attend a meeting through one device and work on your project through another. Rotating Mobile Stand by Hiker Store can help you have a comfortable experience while finishing up your projects.

Using the Bathroom

use of mobile stands

Presently most people use their phones in the bathroom. This inspires a lot of people to use a mobile mount. Hiker Store’s Super Mini Magnetic Mount can be used to keep your phone safe and your hands-free. It comes with powerful magnets, strong adhesive, and two metal plates. So enjoy music or read the news while you are in your bathroom.

Driving in your Car

use of mobile stands

A Mobile mount can be attached to your car which helps to keep your device in view and at the same time keep your hand on the steering wheel. Play your playlist and follow the map without any trouble. Magbear Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car by Hiker Store is a universal car mount that can be attached to your car dashboard on your windshields. The mobile holder is equipped with more powerful magnets which will keep your phone safe even on bumpy car rides.

Working in the Kitchen

use of mobile stands

You can use a mobile holder to watch a video or a recipe tutorial while you cook some tasty dishes and also while scrubbing some utensils. Rotating Desktop Stand by Hiker Store can be kept on the kitchen platform to adjust your phone however you want. This mobile stand is made up of ABS plastic with 45mm to 100mm dimensions.


These were the 4 ways to use a mobile stand. Some of the benefits of using a mobile stand are comfort, safety, productivity, and cleanliness. It doesn’t matter whether you are an iPhone user or an android user these mobile stands can be portable for both of them. Add these mobile accessories to your Wishlist today!

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