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Best Place To Customize Your Lifestyle Accessories

Lifestyle Accessories

Hiker Store is dedicated to deliver minimalistic ideas, premium quality lifestyle products. Hiker Store is your one stop shop for all the lifestyle essentials. These lifestyle accessories are materials and goods that are the expression of ones way of living. It is the reflection of their unique style, what they prefer and their social status. We as a brand strive to provide products which are not only tempting but also useful in every day to day life. We constantly innovate products and ideas that our customers will love. 

Hiker Store’s Product are designed to look great and last longer. These products can be your go to accessories as well as the tools you need for your lifestyle experience. We can help you find the perfect gift to inspire your clients and motivate your team through our wide range products with customization and personalization. They offer complete customization of products with your company logo and many more. 

 The two types of customization they offer are:

1. Embossing

Embossing is the process of creating a raised image or text on a material such as leather. Embossing can be found on cards, leather notebooks, stamps, etc. It is popular technique in DIY Crafts and activities. The tools of the process differ depending upon the material that is being raised or relieved. Hiker Store offer this embossing service for corporate clients and other people to print their company logo on any of their rubber or leather product. 

Lifestyle Accessories

2. Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is used to give a personal touch and an individual design and that is what Hiker Store does with your products. They provide customized laser engraving services to their clients or people who purchase from them. They can help you with laser engraving on their metal or leather products. 

Lifestyle Accessories


These are the two customization services offered by them to their products and packaging where the customer can get their company name or other things engraved which gives it a personal touch. 

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