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Wallet vs Card Holder - Which Is Best for You? - Hiker Store Guide

Wallet vs Card Holder - Which Is Best for You? - Hiker Store Guide

So, your old wallet has seen better days and is becoming a bit of an embarrassment for you! It’s not great for impressing your new date, your boss, and or even the store checkout girl! Maybe it’s time to invest in a new, slim Credit Card Holder Leather Wallet by Hiker Store.

So we’re going to cover wallet vs cardholder. But where do to start? 

Are you the kind of person with a couple of credit cards, and your driver’s license, and you’re ready to go, or do you like to use your wallet to store cash, travel documents, family photos, business cards, and more? The cardholder is a smaller, more compact creature, holding much less in a world where we strive to simplify and streamline our lives. 

But which is better, the wallet or the slim credit card holder?

Slim Credit Card Holder Leather Wallet by Hiker Store

Which is Better, A Wallet or a Cardholder?

When you are looking to buy a wallet or cardholder and you aren’t sure which will suit you and your needs best, decide whether you are looking to carry cash and other items or whether you simply want to carry a few cards with your driver’s license and that will help you make the best choice.

Now that we’ve given you the short answer as to the kind of accessory that is best for you to safely carry around your important cards, travel passes, and important documents, let’s take a look below at the benefits of choosing a slim well crafted beautiful soft leather super slim Hiker Store’s super convenient card holder.

Benefits of a Cardholder

A super versatile and compact card holder, designed to blend in perfectly with your pockets is an increasingly popular accessory decision for many.

A cardholder won’t bulge excessively when filled with loose change and can also be easier to access in your front pocket, rather than being thrown into a bag or backpack. 

Another benefit of a cardholder is that it really makes you decide what items are important enough to be carried around with you on a daily basis. Opting for a smaller cardholder can be a pivotal moment in structuring and organizing your daily personal items such as store driver’s licenses, cards, credit cards, and others.

The slimmer leather card holder is an increasingly popular item to have in your pocket. They are easier to access into your pocket, they won’t bulge under the pressure of loose change and they make us decide what is important in our everyday lives, rather than squeezing and putting everything that we ‘may’ need. The Slim Credit Card Holder by Hiker Store is perfect for keeping your cards and notes safe.

A cardholder will not lose its shape by being sat on accidentally if you’ve popped it in your back pocket and as they are extremely light and can be carried easily in pockets, you won’t waste precious time rummaging through your work or gym bag in order to locate it.

Slim Credit Card Holder Leather Wallet by Hiker Store

Are there any downsides to a wallet?

The primary disadvantage of a wallet as compared with a cardholder is the size. A wallet is bigger than the more slim card holder and may not fit well with those who like to wear skinny jeans! 

Wallets do tend to suffer more in terms of wear and tear than a cardholder as often they are maybe thrown into your gym or work bag and over time it will cause the leather to crease and wear a little over time.


So whichever way you roll, choosing a slim credit card holder, you can be sure we will have an elegant, stylish accessory perfect for your needs. Don’t forget to check out which has a wealth of beautifully designed, and more importantly craftsman made in India cardholders in a range of practical and stylish finishes perfect for your needs. 

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