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Tips To Choose The Smart Travel Bag: Backpack, Duffle

Travel Bag Backpacks

Holidays are a great time to unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Choosing the smart travel backpack or duffle is an essential part of trip planning. If you choose a bag that is too large, you will be carrying too much extra weight. If the bag is too small then you’ll never be able to fit the luggage inside. When it rains, your belongings will be soaked if you use the wrong material.

There are so many smart travel bags available around the world, even more places where you can purchase one and Hiker Store is the one-stop-solution for all your holiday travel needs.

There's an art to knowing what the smart travel backpack is - and how to choose one! It isn't just a question of taste, but there are also some practical aspects to consider. These tips will help you choose the best travel bag that fits your needs.

Smart Travel Backpacks

Smart travel backpacks are the best companion for short-stay, lightweight, professional, or adventurous trips.

smart travel backpacks

The best travel backpacks — those with the longest life — all have the following features that make them durable bags that'll protect all your belongings over the long term:

Waterproof Design

Even if your bag doesn't need to be 100% waterproof, make sure that the used fabric is waterproofed to avoid finding all your wet stuff in the slightest drizzle (some bags are equipped with a removable cover that you can fix in case of heavy rain). Also, make sure the fabric dries quickly to keep it moist and moldy.

Padded Straps

They'll allow you to support the weight of the bag with more comfort. The padding will cushion the pressure on your shoulders and keep your back safe from pain. Make sure that the padding is thick and that it is made of a single piece of foam to prevent it from fading or going into pieces, unevenly scattered inside the strap.

smart travel backpacks

Multiple Compartments

A good backpack must have several separate compartments. In this way, you'll be able to separate your belongings from smaller pouches that allow for faster and more convenient access to the thing you are looking for. For example, you can put your clothes in the main compartment, your umbrella on top, and your shoes in a dedicated shoe compartment, which prevents them from messing up everything else. This also allows you to not waste too much time searching for your stuff every time.

smart travel backpacks

Reinforced & Breathable Back

A back adapted to your lumbar allows you to be more at ease and to distribute the weight of the bag in a homogeneous way on the whole of the back. A molded morphological and reinforced bag makes for a better arch and avoids back pain. 

smart travel backpacks

Also, this type of bag draws a small space between your bag and your back which allows the air to circulate a minimum and to refresh you a little. Wearing a backpack can quickly make you sweat!

Sports Travel Leather Duffle Bags

Travel duffle bags are the most common bags. You know him well, this cylindrical traveling companion, made of an indestructible material, always equipped with practical compression straps, and handles.

Sports Travel Leather Duffle Bags

There are different qualities to consider before you buy your duffle bag:

Size and Capacity

Small duffle bags have 25 to 50 liters of space. They meet most airline size specifications (22 x 14 x 9 inches) and are good for weekends away, travelers who only want to pack light, and those who don't want to check a bag.

Sports Travel Leather Duffle Bags

A 50–75 liter bag is good if you need more space for layers, but aren't worried about carrying bulky equipment.

Large duffle bags with a 75-liter or higher capacity are an excellent choice for adventurers who need to haul heavy loads as they go.

Sports Travel Leather Duffle Bags

However, whether you intend to use your duffle as a carry-on or a checked-in item, it is critical that it meets your airline's baggage requirements.


Consider these things if weight is a problem when you travel:

  • Wheeled duffles are heavier than non-wheeled duffles, with some weighing up to 20% of your total 50-pound luggage allowance - even before you start filling it. Wheeled duffle bags are much easier to transport through airports and into cars, boats, and trains.
  • Heavy duffle bags are exhausting to carry for long distances or up and down stairs, so consider how easy it will be to walk with your duffle when necessary. Duffle bags without wheels are also a good option for those looking to travel to distant lands because they are easier to transport.

Water Resistance

Water-Resistant duffles are designed to keep your belongings protected from light rain and damp ground.

Sports Travel Leather Duffle Bags

If you like water sports, look for a top-of-the-range duffle made from fabric that can better protect you from water, but if you're only going to use it on land, water-resistant should be fine.

Material and Durability

Travel duffle bags are available in a wide range of materials including canvas, ripstop nylon, laminated nylon skins, leathers, and other water-resistant and durable materials that should stay in good shape, wherever you take them.


Purchasing a smart travel backpack or duffle for your trip will take time. You'll have to put on a lot of clothes. If possible, visit the Hiker Store to try on the bags. The store's staff will be able to answer any and all questions you have about your bag. They can also guide you through the fitting process.

Alternatively, you can have the bag delivered to your house, load it with all of your gear, and try it on to see how it feels. That way, you'll know exactly how the bag fits with your gear inside.

If you do, you'll be able to find the perfect smart travel bag for your trip in no time! And it will be a perfect bag that you will use for years and years!

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