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7 Types of Car Mobile Holders You Must Have in 2022

Car Mobile Holders

It's risky to drive while talking on the phone, listening to music, watching movies, or using GPS. This may cause you to become distracted at any time. Sudden accidents may occur as a result of a lack of concentration. Fortunately, you may avoid all of this by placing a car mobile holder in front of your eyes or on the car's windscreen. There are many different kinds of automotive phone holders in the market. What kind of holders to use in the car is entirely up to you as there are various options available. As a result, finding the right one will be challenging. So we have compiled a list of seven different kinds of automotive car mobile holders that you'll need in 2022.

7 Types of Car Mobile Holders 
1. Mini Magnetic Car Mobile Holder - Hiker Store

Mini Magnetic Car Mobile Holder by Hiker Store has a robust sleek design and is made of an aluminium alloy metal body. It is designed in a way that's convenient to use. Just stick the holder anywhere in the car and you are good to go with it. It has an ultra-thin cradle-less magnetic design. The reinforced magnetic holder produces an intensive force that holds your phone securely and you can use it while driving the car too.

Some Benefits of Mini Magnetic Car Mobile Holder

  • Universal compact with any type of car or phone.
  • It has a strong metal body with high-quality magnates. 
  • It has a super tilt mechanism and provides 360-degree rotation.

car mobile holder

2. Car Mobile Holder Basic - Hiker Store

This Car Mobile Holder by Hiker Store is a vent-type holder and is suitable for phones which are up to 6 inches. It has been designed for extreme weather conditions hot or cold that can also be used on bumpy roads and hard breakers. This car mount holder is equipped with a 360° rotating ball, telescopic adjustable arm, and a suction gel pad to hold your device with a single touch.

Some Benefits of Car Mobile Holder Basic

  • Good quality plastic material is used in this holder.
  • It's easy to mount on the vent and can be removed easily too.
  • Offers a better grip.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • This holder provides long-term service.
  • Rotate 360 degrees with an adjustable arm.

car mobile holder

3. Ultra Slim Magnetic Bar Mobile Car Holder - Hiker Store

This Ultra-slim magnetic is an Air vent type of holder. This super Magnetic bar holder is powerful to hold a mobile for a long time. The metal frame of the car holder is made of aluminium and silicon that protects your phone from scratch.

Some benefits of Ultra Slim Magnetic Bar Mobile Car Holder 

  • Compatible with all smart devices.
  • Made of high-quality aluminium alloy and silicone.
  • Protect on bumpy roads.
  • Specially made for Indian roads.

car mobile holder

4. Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount For Mobile - Hiker Store

This Car Air Vent Magnetic Holder by Hiker Store produces an intensive force of attraction that helps to hold any smartphone perfectly including iPhone and Android phones. The premium building material i.e. Aluminium and ABS Plastic is used to build this magnetic mount. 

Some benefits of Car Air Vent Magnetic Mount For Mobile

  • The design is very compact.
  • Hold tightly to the smartphones.
  • Made with Aluminium material and ABS Plastic.
  • The device is affordable.

car mobile holder

5. Super Mini Magnetic Mount - Hiker Store

For the dashboard and windscreen of cars, this Super Strong Mini Magnetic Mobile Holder holds your phone securely and frees up your hands. It comes in a stylish metal body with two metal, strong magnets, and a strong adhesive. This is equipped with super-grade high-powered magnets that offer amazing performance on rough roads for our Indian car driving enthusiasts.

Benefits of Super Mini Magnetic Mount

  • The supermini magnetic mount is made of premium quality aluminium alloy and silicon material.
  • It uses extremely powerful magnets that can hold up to 1 kilogram of weight.
  • The mount is durable and affordable.

car mobile holder

6. 360° Magnetic Aluminium Rotating Mobile Mount - Hiker Store

To mount your phone to a desk, table, or dashboard of a car, use this 360° Magnetic Aluminium & Alloy Rotating Mobile Holder Cell Phone Stand by Hiker Store. It's an easy-to-use solution. You can attach your phone's back to the magnetic stand, and the backplate's adhesive will allow you to stick it to any flat surface. The magnetic stand may be utilized in either portrait or landscape orientation, and the viewing angle can be customized. Anyone who wishes to keep their phone visible and hands-free will appreciate this 360° Magnetic Aluminium Rotating Cell Phone Stand by Hiker Store.

Benefits of 360° Magnetic Aluminium Rotating Mobile Mount

  • Universal compatible with devices.
  • Aluminium alloy and silicon material built it strong.
  • Have a sleek design and easily can rotate 360 degrees.

car mobile holder

7. Magbear Magnetic Mobile Holder - Hiker Store

Magbear Magnetic Mobile Holder is a universal automotive mount and magnetic phone holder for windshields and dashboards. It has extra-strong magnets, a telescoping arm and a 360° rotating mechanism for endless viewing angles, and an enhanced suction-cup gel pad for both the dashboard and the windshield. It also offers universal compatibility with all smartphones and mobile devices. This mount’s design is the ideal solution for Indian road conditions. 

Some benefits of Magbear Magnetic Mobile Holder

  • Have a telescopic arm with a 360 rotating mechanism that provides infinite view angles.
  • ABS plastic and silicon material make their quality better.


car mobile holder



These are the 7 best mobile car mounts to get for your car. You can read all the benefits our car mobile holders provides and get the one which suits your needs and your car. 

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