5 Latest Mobile Accessories You Must Have

Latest Mobile Accessories

In this digital world, we all have smartphones and gadgets which are used in our day-to-day life. Millennials and Gen Zs, especially, tend to buy the latest mobile accessories which one must-have, which makes their lives more comfortable and side by side keeps them in trend and on top of their game.
Hiker Store, a one-stop solution for purchasing the latest gadgets in India, provides the latest mobile accessories you must have in 2022. Furthermore, they will also provide you with all the perfect options that are the finest and most up-to-date.

Here's a glance at our top picks that you might find useful as well.

5 Latest Mobile Accessories You Must Have: 
1. Sports Over-Hook Wired Earphones


Latest Mobile Accessories


The Sports Over-Ear Hook Wired Earphones are ideal for solace in a hurry. They are light as air and incredibly agreeable. Weighing only 19 grams, the headphones are incredibly simple to use yet strong. It is created with skin-accommodating silicone, a programmed fit, and a level line plan to give your ears complete solace and an extraordinary portion of perfectly clear sound. It is ideal for the entire day of exercises, as it blocks interruptions and waits while you're working out or voyaging, and is generally viable. No matter where you go, the over-hook configuration ensures that it never falls or is damaged.

2. Rotating Mobile Stand


Latest Mobile Accessories



To begin with, the Rotating Mobile Stand is a foldable, rotating mobile holder available for tablets, desktops, and workstations. However, this is a multi-angle adjustable stand with a 270° free rotation to ensure the ideal viewing angle and improve the audio-video experience. It has a stylish premium design, a durable aluminum body, and sturdy construction to keep your phone in place without wobbling. Furthermore, this stand is not only durable but also completely portable, thanks to its folding mechanism, which allows it to fully collapse, making it an ‘easy to carry on-the-go" smart mobile accessory.

3. Mobile Card Grip Holder 


Latest Mobile Accessories


The multi-functional mobile cardholder combines the security of a credit card holder with the convenience of a phone grip. You can use it as a phone stand and get a good grip on your smartphone while keeping your cards safe. It also has the latest mobile phone accessories for photography.
To prove that, Mobile Card Grip Holder is a multi-functional mobile cardholder that combines the security of a credit card holder with the convenience of a phone grip. However, you can use it as a phone stand and get a good grip on your smartphone while keeping your cards safe. It also has the latest mobile phone accessories for photography. 

4. All-In-One Mobile Accessories


Latest Mobile Accessories


All you need is the all-in-one mobile mount accessory pack to get multiple uses out of a mobile mount. It comes in a variety of packages, including round and square metal plates, 3M VHB adhesives, cleaning swabs, and clear protective films.

  • Metal Plates: Used on the back of your phone or device to make it compatible with magnetic mounts. These are ultra-thin Metal Plates with a smooth surface and rounded edges that shield your device and fingers from harm. Original 3M tissue tape is installed on the backside to stick to your device and comes in two sizes: round and rectangular.
  • 3M VHB Adhesive: For sticking applications, use genuine 3M VHB Adhesive tape. Compatible with all Magnetic Mount Car Phone Holders, including Finger Ring Holders, Mobile Grip Holders, and any other dashboard mount with a sticking application, regardless of brand.
  • Protective films: Between your phone and the metal plate, there's an extra layer of protection. Use one of the provided Protection Films to keep your phone's surface clean and scratch-free before placing the metal plate. It comes in two sizes, round and rectangular, to accommodate both round and rectangular metal plates.
5. Ultra Slim Magnetic Bar


Latest Mobile Accessories


The Ultra Slim Magnetic Bar is a powerful air vent mount car phone holder with brilliant aesthetics, powerful magnets, and a super-strong hold that is ideal for Indian roads. It has a beautiful appearance and is easy to use. Your phone will be scratch-resistant thanks to the metal frame and high-quality silicone. However, the magnetic mount bar can be attached to nearly any car's air vents. This is reliable and does not obstruct your view. It has four Neodymium magnets, is compact and portable, and has a scratch-resistant rubber surface.

Conclusion - 

Compiling everything into one, the latest mobile accessories you must have are those which are used with your smartphone. Many of the most recent mobile accessories are available through Hiker Store. All of these accessories will provide protection for your device. Use those accessories for entertainment and the flexibility of a mobile stand. Ultra Slim Magnetic Bar is a powerful air vent that is mostly used by youth and teenagers in their cars, their use of the magnetic bar can help in navigation. 

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