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How To Install A Phone Holder In A Car Vent

How To Install A Phone Holder In A Car Vent

A car mount holder is safe and used while you are driving, navigating through maps or while tuning in to music, reading a message or an email in between can be a troubling task for the driver, so they need to mount the car phone holder at the best place to use it perfectly. These phone holders can be used so that you can do your work, hustle and bustle free.


Benefits of Using The Car Mount Folder:-

Most smartphones have voice recognition, which allows you to place them in the dashboard and receive calls. One person can perform various things while driving a car without taking hands off the wheel with the phone holder mounted inside it.

1. GPS Navigation System

Thanks to car phone holders, using GPS for navigation has never been easier. You do not need to check your phone every now and then to track your progress.

This must-have item will make your journey go more smoothly. You can easily locate your destination, routes, or directions. Simply mount your GPS device and you're ready to go!

2. Music with no hands

If you enjoy listening to music while driving, purchasing a phone holder is a wise decision. You can play your music while the phone is attached rather than holding it in your hands and carefully scrolling through the selections.

Mount your phone, connect it to the built-in Bluetooth in your car, and then start the music. The controls on the steering wheel can be used to shuffle through the music when Bluetooth connectivity is enabled.

3. Driving without distractions

At least 90% of traffic accidents are the result of driver attention. The cell phone is one of the root causes. When it comes to cars, this responsibility necessitates an intense focus on the road. Even a minor error poses a significant risk to life. You can use your smartphone without difficulty. You don't have to hold it with one hand while another is busy turning the steering wheel.

Simply insert it in the car phone holder and enjoy distraction-free driving!

If you have purchased the car mount phone holder from the Hiker Store for the purpose of using your phone while driving, but you don’t know how to install it in the car, here is the process:

  • Place the car mount phone holder which you have purchased from the Hiker Store at its desired location, which forms a perfect view from the position of the driver, to use the mobile phone with the help of the car mount holder.
  • The car mount phone holder can be placed at various locations whichever place is best suitable such as at the windshield, dashboard, air vent, magnetic air vent, or a CD slot.
  • After placing the mount. Adjust the car mount accordingly and fit your phone into the mount, Check if your phone is properly working or not, when mounted into that holder.
  • After everything is done, Now you can access your phone mounted in your car holder and can navigate, tune into your favorite music as well as read and send messages, and can even answer phone calls.

This is the whole installation procedure, which can let you install your car mount holder into your car, and use the mobile phone for tuning music, navigation, reading and sending emails and messages, etc. while driving the car.

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