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Why You Need A Magnetic Phone Mount for Cars

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In today's time, Mobile has become an integral part of everyone's life, no matter what we are doing, for every single work we are dependent on our mobile phones. If it's texting messages, attending phone calls, using GPS to navigate a route etc. all this are the things we do while driving. But is this safe? No. For a safe ride ignore the use of a phone while travelling or use phone mount for cars.  

We understand it's hard to defy the use of mobile phones. But the thing is, you are taking a risk with your life if you ignore them.

Fortunately, humans are well capable to invent things that reduce the risk. A car mount holder is designed to hold your gadget in the optimum place for safe viewing of the screen while travelling. So, the only query left to answer is: If the market is overflowed with cheap and unreliable phone car mounts, which one should you buy?

Options Available for a Car Mobile Mount
1. Mechanical-Based Mobile Car Holder  

Mechanical-based mobile car holders have two or three arms that clamp the mobile in your car, and the mounting base varies between a suction cup to an air vent clip or a CD slot. These car mobile mounts depend on the clamping force to work or to be specific, they use various gears and springs to clamp your phone and keep it safe mechanically.

2. Magnetic Phone Mount for Car

This is a new and futuristic version of mobile car holders and have the power to replace the old car mount holders. In this magnetic phone holders you need to stick a metal plate (or metal ring) on the back of your phone or phone case. This metal plate, which is tempted by the magnets in the mount, holds your phone securely in place.

Why Need A Magnetic Phone Mount for Cars

The essence of using magnetic mobile mounts for cars: they are updated versions of old mounts and easy to use, more aesthetic compared to older ones. Here are some benefits of magnetic mobile mounts for cars.

  • Easy to use
  • The old holders used to work manually, every time you have to mount the phone on top so that the spring can work correctly. That was hectic work and time-consuming but now the magnetic phone mounts have totally changed the mindset of a person you just simply toss the phone and it will snap and securely hold a phone and pull your phone off the mount when needed. It's so effortless and convenient.

  • More aesthetic
  • These magnetic mounts have sleek designs and look less clunky. As you can see, unlike mechanical arms, which are used to block part of the phone screen, the magnetic mount offers better visuals than the older ones. which is vital for safe driving. Also, looks more aesthetic. There’s no metal plate stuck on the back of your phone or case when you use it, it just looks neat and uncluttered.

    Best Magnetic Phone Mount for Cars

    It's trending now, magnetic mobile mounts have flooded the market, so how will you select the best phone mount for the car as there are plenty of options are available in the market. But don't worry Hiker store is providing the best magnetic mobile mounts that are more reliable, durable and cheap to buy. 


    If you use a phone while driving then buy the best mobile mount for a car that will reduce the risk of accidents. Ideally, we suggest using the magnetic phone mounts for car, this will be more durable compared to the older ones.

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