How to Clean Your Wired Earphones

How to Clean Your Wired Earphones

Have you ever thought that earphones also require maintenance? Listening to music from an in-ear earphone has become quite a trend for quite a long time now, but have you thought about the gunk that gets inside at the tip of these earbuds which can eventually ruin your music experience while hampering your hygiene? But the main question that arises here is how you maintain the tips of your earphones without breaking them apart. It is vital to put some effort into making your listening more healthy.

Regular use of our wired earphones, eventually demands proper maintenance to ensure the longevity of belongings. Enhancing your music experience with Hiker Store’s new-age gear is worth all the time you spend with. But you shouldn’t overlook the hygienic details that build up over time like bacteria, dead cells, sweat, germs, ear wax, etc. That is why here are some ways through which you can take care of your earphones to have an incredible intake of music. 

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Check for the Gunk in your Earphones

There is always a high chance that gunk or ear wax is coming in your way of having an absolute experience of music. But how does the gunk makes its way into this tiny pair of earbuds? Because earphones are the only thing that we do not forget to carry anywhere we go, it’s kind of natural that they pick up all kinds of stuff from the environment after which they become waxy, moist, and sticky. This stuff increases the probability of causing damage, serious skin infections and growing the bacteria in the ears. If there is a wax coat or germ buildup on the earphones, it can act as a layer to trap bacteria and prevent it from drying which can help it to survive and grow. 

Clean the inside of the earphone with any small brush to remove debris

To clean your earphones effectively, ensure that they are disconnected from your phone or laptop before starting to clean them. Ideally, you should clean your earphones once a week to ignore the muffling of sound due to wax buildup. Sometimes it might look gunk free or clean but there might be some serious buildup. Start with pulling the ear tips off the earphones. Use a small brush to gently scoop out the gunk and ear wax. One more thing to ensure while cleaning the earphones is that you do not jam the loop into the tip while it's still in the earphone because you may push the wax into the earphones and damage its drivers. 

Use Lukewarm water and cotton

After you are done brushing, use a cotton swab with warm water to clean the remaining dirt and ear wax from the ear tips and also the rest of the part like its grill and earbuds. The warm water helps you in removing the remaining dirt and sanitize it. While cleaning the earphones with any type of liquid do take care that you don’t oversaturate the swab into the liquid because it may get into the battery compartment or earbuds and damage the drivers. 

Let the ear tips air dry

The last important thing to keep in mind, once you are done with all the processors to clean them, don’t forget to dry them before putting them back on the earphones. It is a really simple process to stay away from any kind of bacteria causing and damaging the ear. It is extremely important that you thoroughly dry them inside and out to see the truest & effective effects. For better results, ensure that there is no moisture before you put together the pieces of your earphone and use them again. 

Music is an inherent part of our lives in a significant way. To achieve this state of mind, Hiker Store’s In-ear wired earphones indulge you with your personal music to realize the very essence of yourself. But this personal equipment requires some care so that it can make sure that you get an enhanced experience without any extortion due to ear wax or infecting yourself with bacteria. 

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At Hiker Store, we design our products with utmost care so that you do not face any discomfort with our ultimate gear gadgets. Taking into consideration our In-Ear Wired Earphones and Sports Over-Hook Wired Earphones comes with silicon tips as they are easy to clean which makes them super handy to maintain decent hygiene. Henceforth we deliver an absolute experience of music without compromising on hygiene. 

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